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Flexnet + Gmail = FlexGmail

FlexGmail is a Gmail-based email system specifically configured for use by FLEX.COM.

  • Incoming Spam Filtering is Great, better than Postini
  • Outgoing Spam Filtering is Great (take note spammers)
  • No ads in outgoing Emails
  • Outgoing emails has your "" address on it
  • Outgoing emails are not blocked by other mail systems e.g. yahoo, aol, mcimail, etc.
  • An nice Web interface
  • Accepts SMTP and POP3 access. Supports all email clients that use SECURE SMTP/POP3
  • Detailed walkthru setups for Thunderbird, Outlook and Eudora (see bottom of this page)

  • Why Gmail?

    The Problem:
    1. Flexnet (including all our Virtual Domains) gets around 1,250,000 emails EACH DAY, most being spam.

    2. At the very best, I can get rid of 95% of this mail volume effectively. But, that leaves 5% and 5% is still around 60,000 emails, most of which is still SPAM, each day.

    3. POSTINI did an okay job at incoming spam filtering, but still let SOME spam on thru. Also POSTINI didn't offer us outgoing email capabilities, only incoming. Half a solution, in other words. Please read this paragraph again. POSTINI could only be used for Incoming email, not outgoing! And our outgoing emails were in trouble (see #5.)

    4. Google (GMAIL) is buying POSTINI. Thru previous testing, I suspected GMAIL was using POSTINI due to similar spam filtering patterns, but a little better. I theorized back then that GMAIL used POSTINI and then added in their own spam filters on top of that. So GMAIL is better than POSTINI.

    5. Our outgoing mail servers were getting Blacklisted by YAHOO and AOL. Now, some may say so what, but for other users, YAHOO access is pretty paramount. I tried to do some hacking by getting mainland servers to handle our flex mail, but YAHOO would close our new mainland servers pretty quickly... it was a losing battle.

    6. So now you have users complaining about all the spam that was coming thru, and also why can't they send to Yahoo et al.

    7. Del has to do something!

    The Solution:
    8. GMAIL offers ISP partnerships into their Mail systems. I've coined "FlexGmail" as my way of annoucing this relationship. FlexGmail offers BOTH incoming and outgoing services. POSTINI was strictly incoming only.

    9. FlexGmail offers 2,000 Megs of Mail Storage. Flex offered only 10 Megs.

    10. FlexGmail has a nice Web interface into its mail system. Flex suggested its users use web2mail for a web interface but that didn't solve the spam problem (web2mail just picked up mail off flex mail servers after all) and also outgoing email was under the same limitations as flex was under per #5.

    11. FlexGmail will never be Blacklisted by Yahoo or Spamcop or anyone else for that matter. Flex is blacklisted and sometimes unblacklisted for no apparent reason.

    12. FlexGmail offers Secure encrypted POP3/SMTP access directly. You may keep using your current mail client program.

    13. FlexGmail has more than enough capacity to handle our mail volume and all of our spam. FlexGmail will deliver any email FAST. And it will be readily accepted by Yahoo et al.

    14. All your outgoing email via FlexGmail will be labeled with your "" address, not gmail's! Also, outgoing email isn't tagged with any gmail ads or any mention of gmail at all for that matter. Yahoo outgoing emails are full of yahoo ads.

    15. FlexGmail keeps all incoming email, nothing is deleted. Flex has three points of forced deletions in its spam filtering. FlexGmail allows you to restore in full any legit email tagged as spam. Flex just showed you the top portion of spams, if that.

    The Conclusion:
    16. FlexGmail is the Bomb!

    To access your email via your web browser:

    Our FlexGmail (Flexnet + GMAIL) CONFIGURATIONS and TIPS

    Verification: Your First Steps Into FlexGMAIL

    2. PLEASE DO THIS STEP!! Change Your Default FlexGMAIL Sender Name

    3. Optional: SHAKA.COM Email Setup

    4. Informational: POP3 and SMTP Links

    5. FlexGmail Email Client Setup: Outlook Express v6

    6. FlexGmail Email Client Setup: Outlook 2003

    7. FlexGmail Email Client Setup: Eudora v7.1

    8. FlexGmail Email Client Setup: Eudora v6.2 for Apple

    9. FlexGmail Email Client Setup: Thunderbird v2.0