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Latest v.90 Modem Drivers

Winmodem LT (Lucent Technologies) v.90 Modem Driver version 8.30 CLICK HERE!

Our old "Modem Drivers" table is hopelessly outdated and broken. Please look at your modem's documentation instead, and go to that manufacturer's WEB SITE directly for help and the latest drivers...

Those of you having dialup modem connectivity problems - disconnects (other than the 10 Minute Idle Timeout imposed by Megapop, see below), difficulty connecting, or disappointing speeds -- You MAY find relief by updating your modem driver IF your modem is hardware controller-less:

Winmodems, Soft Modems, HSP Modems, AMR Modems, many USB modems - includes Rockwell/Conexant HCF, HSF, Soft56, Lucent/Agere 'LT', AMR, Scorpio, Mars, Apollo; Motorola; PCTel; BCM; IntelHaM, etc.

However, please go read this web page before you go updating your modem driver. There are lots of information that can help you and your dialup modem out.

If after installing the latest modem drivers you still experience problems, please open a help desk ticket and we will contact Megapop together to get this resolved.

thank you!