Build the communications backbone for mobile connectivity, digital transformation and IoT

As digital transformation continues to occur across industries, consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on the seamless connectivity, user experience and speed and use of data to enhance andenrich their daily lives. 

The need for more bandwidth and services is accelerating. This presents enormous challenges, but even bigger opportunities for service providers and telecommunications companies in areas such as connected cars, urban infrastructure, home-consumer applications and nearly endless other applications.

Forward-thinking companies recognize that this shifting landscape requires technology investments in both traditional and next-generation infrastructure and capacity.

"By 2020 the global economic value of the mobile industry ecosystem will be worth an estimated $3.7 trillion and will provide employment to around 17 million people worldwide."


Source: “The Mobile Economy 2016,” GSM Association

Flex's Sketch-to-Scale solutions helps customers to improve product time to market (TTM)

Unlock the full potential of the IoT with Flex

Improve speed and bandwidth — and take advantage of the opportunity to usher in a wide range of new consumer and enterprise experiences. To stay competitive, you need a partner with the cross-industry expertise and depth of experience to take your innovation and make it a reality. As the No. 1 manufacturing partner for telecommunications solutions and networking solutions worldwide, Flex is ideally positioned to collaborate with you to manage data on the move and adapt to changing market conditions faster than your competitors.


Sketch to Scale solutions for servers, data storage & security appliance equipment for IT infrastructure management.

Speed time to market for mobile solutions

Collaborate with Flex to design and build your end-to-end mobile ecosystem. In mobile infrastructure, Flex designs and manufactures the complete range of RF-based fronthaul and backhaul connectivity solutions, such as small cells, remote radio heads and antennas, radio access base stations and microwave point-to-point systems. As service providers accelerate and embrace virtualization and software-defined solutions, Flex continues to co-create and innovate with our customers, building out next-generation solutions for today’s network requirements and future 5G and optical connectivity. 


FLex has in-depth product knowledge spans from routers, switches, optical & SDN (Software-defined networking) solutions.

Improve network performance while driving innovation

As data demands continue to increase, leverage Flex’s in-depth knowledge of high-end switching, routing and optical platforms. These technologies drive high-speed connectivity across IP networks and help connect data centers around the globe with optical fiber networks. In our optical labs, we simulate network connectivity and performance so you can maximize your network efficiency.


Flex delivers Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions for mobile, networking, optical and telecom cloud-based technologies. Work seamlessly with our global team of 400+ communications engineers and technology partners to create product solutions, systems and platforms that connect the world. 

Flex delivers Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions for mobile, networking, optical and telecom cloud-based technologies. Manage complexity with an industry leader


There is no other company that works with all of the world’s leading hardware and technology solutions providers across the mobile and fixed networks landscape. As the world moves toward software-defined solutions and open-based standards, Flex enables you to navigate and embrace this change and create new opportunities.




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