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As the Intelligence of Things™ continues to generate more and more data, the enterprise is experiencing a paradigm shift. In the traditional infrastructure market, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and the demand for innovative solutions in the areas of security, storage, server and big data analytics has never been greater.


Partner with Flex to build the infrastructure backbone to support the proliferation of data and connected devices across the enterprise

Amidst this change, you need a partner with a broad range of expertise across the enterprise ranging from traditional Disk based systems to Flash based arrays, Server SAN, High Performance Computing and Security appliance platforms.


Flex provides Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions to enable industry leaders and emerging disruptors to design and build the robust infrastructure that is required to handle the explosion of data and predicted 50 billion connected devices by 2020.


Leading companies have collaborated with Flex to increase business agility and speed time to market for enterprise solutions:


  • Teradata turned to Flex to consolidate its supply chain and deliver some of the largest data warehouse systems in the world, building and solidifying its market leadership position.



Flex provides Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions to enable industry leaders and emerging disruptors to design and build robust infrastructure.

Enterprise and service providers are evolving to 3rd platform; transforming business models and IT environments to adopt cloud, mobile and data analytics. 



By 2020, 50% of all business analytics software will incorporate prescriptive analytics built on cognitive computing technology.

– IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Big Data and Analytics 2016 Predictions


Stay ahead of the competition with Flex solutions

As the demand for faster, more efficient, more secure and more powerful data center solutions increases, the enterprise must quickly adapt in order to gain a competitive edge. Flex is leading the way by enabling industry leaders and emerging startups to move into new converged infrastructure technologies, including servers, data storage and security appliance equipment for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration.


Reduce costs and speed product launches with reference platforms and JDM (joint design manufacturing solutions)

As traditional infrastructure moves toward cloud-based solutions, Flex offers a focused portfolio of reference product designs to meet your unique business requirements and a comprehensive set of qualified core technologies to support them. Reduce research and development costs, speed product launches and enter new markets faster than ever before with Flex’s comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions.




“Flex has the unique ability to create a business structure individualized by customer that fosters a very powerful relationship. This approach has permitted Teradata to utilize the unique skills of complex systems integration of the Flex team as a competitive advantage.”

— Bruce Langos

SVP Operations, Teradata


Flex brings innovative enterprise compute solution to market fast.

Teradata Supplier Excellence Award 2015


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