Leading automaker brings connected vehicle platform to market in record time

Advanced, connected solutions in the auto industry are no longer just a “nice-to-have.” Connectivity determines the difference between industry leaders and industry laggards. In order to differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive market, a leading automaker turned to Flex and its deep expertise in the automotive industry to help build a complete turnkey platform for connected communications, including designing embedded, mobile and cloud infrastructures.


The automaker partnered with Flex to:

  • Design and build a working prototype of a connected vehicle platform in just 16 weeks

  • Leverage cross-industry expertise to optimize the platform’s connectivity, modularity and performance

  • Develop specifications to meet the automaker’s needs, such as long battery life and powerful antennas


The success of this project directly led to further collaborations and prototype development with the OEM.


Flex helped V2X to reinvent automotive for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience

Reinventing automotive for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience4

The cars of the future will communicate with traffic lights, avoid collisions and deliver diagnostics. Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication are collectively referred as Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) – a wireless technology aimed at improving road safety and traffic management. But creating this kind of advanced connectivity platform requires wide-ranging expertise — from cloud experts to automotive engineers. Flex’s core technologies and unique market perspective provided the expertise to handle these challenges, while decreasing time to market and ensuring quality. This leading automaker engaged with Flex to leverage that expertise, taking the idea from concept to working prototype using Flex’s Sketch-to-Scale™ capabilities.

Flex helped a major automaker significantly reduce development time for its vehicle to everything (V2X) connected technology and communication platform.

On the road to the always-connected car of the future

Flex’s design team partnered with the automaker’s researchers to develop specifications to meet their needs: a long battery life, worldwide connectivity, a modular platform and powerful antennas. Flex’s cross-industry team of electrical and mechanical engineers, industrial designers and cloud and software developers created a fast-turn electrical and mechanical design, complete with embedded technologies for communication, mobile applications for analysis and intelligence and cloud storage for data gathering.


Through a connected dongle, drivers can relay seamless, real-time data to a connected device to better understand driving and/or vehicle behaviors – introducing true intelligence to the automotive world. This data may be used to improve efficiency, whether that be through changing driving habits or re-calibrating components for optimization.


Flex’s design team partnered with the automaker’s researchers to develop a long battery life, worldwide connectivity, a modular platform and powerful antennas.Speeding time to market to maintain competitive edge

Flex took the idea from concept to working prototype in just 16 weeks, delivering 50 units ahead of schedule — a process that might otherwise have taken more than a year. The fully integrated turnkey solution included embedded, mobile and cloud software implementation and a cloud storage solution.


By partnering with Flex and leveraging its expertise in networking and computing, the automaker was able to enhance its design and engineering capabilities and co-create a cutting-edge solution in a fraction of the time.


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